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Cameron Frye is the deuteragonist (along w/Sloane Peterson) of Ferris Bueller's Day Off. He is the best friend of Ferris Bueller and Sloane Peterson. It is told that Cameron has a hatred for his parents. His mom and dad are always fighting, causing him to be emotionally disturbed. At the end of the film, Cameron destroys his father's car and gains back his confidence. He is played by Alan Ruck

Ferris Bueller's Day Off[]

Cameron is first mentioned by the Economics Teacher during roll call. In the next shot, he is seen sick in bed. Ferris calls him and tells him to come over and take the day off with him. At first, Cameron refuses to take the offer, but he eventually came over.

Once he arrived, Ferris told him to call Mr. Rooney and disguise his voice as Sloane Peterson's father to check her out from school using the "dead grandmother" excuse. As Mr. Rooney is falling for it, Cameron messes up by first telling him to have Sloane out by herself, and then tells him to be out there with her. In order to avoid raising Mr. Rooney's suspicions, Ferris decides to borrow Cameron's dad's car, the 1961 Ferrari 250 GT California. However, Cameron doesn't want to do this and tells Ferris that "his dad loves [his] car more than life itself", giving hints about how psychotic his dad is. For a few times at first, Cameron tells Ferris not to take the car out and try something else, but he goes with it anyway.

Later, they are at the school waiting for Sloane to come with Ferris disguised as Sloane’s dad and Cameron hidden under the seat. When Ferris drives off, Cameron gets out and sits on the top cushion the entire time they drive.

When they get to Chicago, Ferris asks the Garage Attendant to look after the car, but Cameron is worried about what'll happen to it, but the attendant says, "Don't worry!" and drives off. He walks off with Ferris and Sloane not knowing that the car is being driven everywhere.


Cameron is seen throughout as being a goofball who is cantankerous, mild-mannered, emotional, fearful, rowdy, intelligent, eccentric, cynical, athletic, merciful, efficient, finicky, responsible, good-hearted, self-debating, and empathetic. Whenever he is in a bad mood, he becomes aggressive, rude, negative, rough, and obnoxious, much to the likenesses of his unseen father.


  • His home life is the reason why he's too socially awkward to go places.
  • Whenever Cameron is about to do something extremely risky, he does the sign of the cross before getting involved, implying to be a Catholic by faith.
  • There is speculation that the reason Ferris forced him out of bed is because Cameron is depressed, and otherwise wouldn't have gotten up on his own.
  • In the original novel, Cameron carried a polaroid camera around with him wherever he went. He would take pictures of everything claiming that if he ever was kidnapped, the authorities would be able to easily identify him.
  • Though the movie centers on Ferris, some commentators have suggested that Cameron is its true protagonist, as he undergoes substantial positive growth while Ferris does not. One fan theory even proposes that Ferris is not a real person but rather a figment of Cameron's imagination created to help him become the person he really wants to be, much as in the movie Fight Club.