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”Fifteen years from now, when he looks back on the ruin his life’s become, he is gonna remember Edward Rooney.”

Edward "Ed" R. Rooney is the Dean of Students and the main antagonist in Ferris Bueller's Day Off who is suspicious of Ferris Bueller skipping school for the 9th time, so he goes out to catch him once and for all, but then ends up getting humiliated. He is played by Jeffrey Jones.


Edward is a merciless, strict, calculating, and scornful member of the staff that is not afraid to go to great lengths to punish (He must have proof in order to do punishments) troublemakers such as Ferris and the rest of the students. He has shown abuse of power (like calling the parents excessively or breaking into a student's house), is callous to the staff/students (it explains why he is despised by everybody except Grace(she tolerates and admires him)), and is quick to anger if he fails a goal he has set for. He has also shown intelligence that matches Ferris’s quick wits when he almost caught Ferris in the act a million times and is a little athletic, also tough showing to be fast as a dog while he was being chased by one. He is highly obsessed with Ferris, due to Ferris's ways to get out of even the worst situations and his wits to avoid being in trouble easily, leading Ferris to be Edward's biggest target for discipline. It is also hinted he is envious of Ferris's popularity due to Grace's explanation of why he is very popular.

Ferris Bueller's Day Off[]

Dean of Students Edward R. Rooney suspects Ferris is a repeat truant and commits to catching Ferris after being absent 9 times. Ferris convinces his best friend Cameron Frye, who is legitimately absent due to illness (though a hypochondriac, which Ferris sees through), to help lure Ferris' girlfriend Sloane Peterson from school on the pretext of her grandmother's supposed death. Eventually, Rooney catches on to Ferris Bueller's scheme and exits the school en route to the Bueller's Residence. He prowls the Bueller home attempting to prove Ferris' truancy, getting into several pratfalls. At the same time, Jeanie, frustrated that the entire school supports and will rally for Ferris, skips class and returns home to encounter him. She is shocked by Rooney's presence at their home and knocks him unconscious. As she gives the police a phone call, he recovers and goes back outside, unknowingly leaving his wallet behind. When the police arrive, they disbelieve Jeanie and place her under arrest for making a false report. Ferris arrives home first but is confronted by a fully recovered but bruised Rooney who threatens him with another year of high school for truancy and impersonation. Jeanie races into the house as their mother complains to their father about her behavior. Having a change of heart, Jeanie interrupts and thanks Rooney for helping return Ferris "from the hospital." She displays Rooney's wallet as proof of his trespass before tossing it into the yard afterwards, rousing Ferris' dog who chases Rooney from the property. During the end credits, a defeated and mortified Rooney heads home and is picked up by a local school bus, where he is further embarrassed by the students.


That is why I have got to catch him this time. To show these kids that the example he sets is a first class ticket to nowhere."

"Tell you what, dip s••t. You don't like my policies, you can come on down here and smooch my big old white butt.“

”Fifteen years from now, when he looks back on the ruin his life’s become, he is gonna remember Edward Rooney.”


  • In the Special Features, Jeffrey Jones talks about how Ed Rooney wants to catch Ferris to stay in power, but since Ferris is more popular than him, he just ends up humiliating himself.
  • In the original novel, it is revealed that some of his stress in life actually comes from a stressful home life and marriage.
  • He is shown to not be skilled at computers due to being at mercy and screaming for Grace when Bueller hacked the attendance records
  • Jeffrey Jones hardly remembers the movie despite playing a part in the movie.
  • Even though he's not/hardly mentioned in the Commercial set in the future, it does has some plot points that resemble the movie
  • Jeffrey Jones is a Convicted Sex Offender(pleaded no contest) and has been arrested multiple times for not updating his status as a sex offender.


Rooney and Grace sitting in Rooney's office