Garth Volbeck is a minor character in Ferris Bueller's Day Off who talks with Jeanie Bueller in the police station. Volbeck was played by Charlie Sheen, and does not appear in any other Ferris Bueller related media.

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He is also known as grumpy, abrasive, relentless, thoughtless, harsh, violent, obsequious, loathsome, brainy, emotional, callous, kooky, greedy, ambitious, rude, traitorous, hot-tempered, vicious, obnoxious, loquacious, boorish, eccentric, cold-blooded and kinky.

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  • Although he was not given a name in he movie, his name was revealed in the original script, and he was given an entire backstory.
    • Ferris originally stated that he knew Garth back in 8th grade, and that he had a difficult home life. Because of this, Ferris tried to help him out, but he ended up dropping out of school. This explains much more to Ferris' character. He failed to help out Garth, so he wanted to help Cameron as well, who also had a difficult home life.
    • His backstory is also explained in the Ferris Bueller novel and on the TV Show The Goldbergs.

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Garth and Jeanie

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