The Girl in Pizza Joint is an unnamed, minor character in Ferris Bueller's Day Off who is mistaken to be Ferris Bueller when Ed Rooney is looking for him. She is played by Debra Montague.

Ferris Bueller's Day Off Edit

She was spotted in a scene where Ed Rooney is walking around inside a pizza restaurant trying to find Ferris Bueller, whom he suspects is skipping school. He looks around and walks up to the girl mistaking her for Ferris since she looks very similar from behind. She is seen playing Pac Man with a friend, and when Rooney goes over thinking he has caught Ferris, the girl turns around and looks at him with an annoyed look. She slurps up the drink in her straw and spits it at him. She turns back around and we see an embarrassed Rooney with liquid all over his face and hear the "Game Over" noise from Pac Man.

Trivia Edit

  • Not only does her hair look exactly the same from behind, but she's also wearing a very similar-looking jacket Ferris Bueller is wearing in the movie.