Morris Frye is the father of deurotagonist Cameron Frye who hates and constantly fights his wife and loves his car over his own family. He was not actually in the movie, but was mentioned several times.

Ferris Bueller's Day Off Edit

When Cameron was a little younger, it was mentioned that he broke his retainer, causing his dad to go insane. It could be possible that Ferris was there when it happened since Cameron said "remember?".

He was mentioned by Cameron Frye when he takes Ferris Bueller over to his car, the 1961 Ferrari 250 GT California, the one prized possession he loves more than life itself. Because of his love for the car, he never drives it, and just rubs it with a diaper.

When Cameron is in the Skydeck of Willis Tower with Ferris and Sloane, he leans on the window with them, looks down, and says, "I think I see my dad!" and suspects that he's down there somewhere.

Later, in the Chicago Board of Trade, when Sloane Peterson declined Ferris' marriage proposal, he asks for a good reason why it's not good to get married, and Cameron says it's because of his parents, who are married but hate each other.

When the trio take the car back home, Cameron lets his emotions out and destroys his dad's car, and decides to stand up to him when he comes home.

Trivia Edit

  • It is unknown what happened to Cameron when his dad found out what happened to the car.
  • It is also mentioned that Morris hates Ferris.
  • It is unknown why he married Cameron‘s mom

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