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The Economics Teacher, known as Mr. Lorensax is a minor character in the movie Ferris Bueller's Day Off. He is the Economics Teacher at Ferris Bueller's high school. He is famous for the line "Bueller...? Bueller...?" during the roll call scene. He is played by Ben Stein. In the expanded universe novels, Lorensax is a key character to the mythos. In the novels, Lorensax reveals himself to be one of Buellers favorite teachers, the only person in all of reality that Bueller will listen to. Towards the latter half of Ferris Bueller's End Game, when Bueller threatens to tear apart reality, Lorensax stands to oppose him and tries to make Bueller listen to logic. He shouts up at Ferris "Bueller, BUELLER!" and knocks him out of his limitless rage. Ultimately, Lorensax destroys Bueller's mortal form in order to return all of reality to its previous state. In the end, Lorensax is the protagonist of the Expanded Universe.

Trivia Edit

  • His real name has been confirmed to be Mr. Lorensax in the Ferris Bueller novel.
  • The actor Ben Stein was an actual writer, lawyer, and commentator in the field of economics.
    • In the scene where he was teaching economics to the sleep-deprived students, none of the stuff he said was scripted. He was told to say what he knew as he went along (also called improvising).