Steve is a minor character and college student in the Ferris Bueller TV Show who dated Jeannie Bueller for a while in Episode 13: A Night in the Life. He is played by Allen Covert.

Ferris Bueller TV Show Edit

Episode 13: A Night in the Life Edit

Steve was mentioned by Ferris Bueller in the intro of the episode. He tells the audience that Steve is going out with Jeannie Bueller, and ever since she's been one of the most popular girls in Ocean Park High School. She is even seen with his letter shirt with girls asking for autographs.

When Jeannie is about to run out the door, Barbara Bueller stops her and asks if that was her coming in at 1 am, and Jeanie said that Steve was all over her. When she tells her that she must stay home tonight doing homework, Jeannie said that Steve invited her to a party tonight.

- - to be continued - -